My edge is my commitment to building bridges and helping people. Prior to entry into Kea, I was involved in several charitable pursuits and remain in contact with active parties. These included Age UK as a Covid-19 Response Volunteer and The Family & Friends Project following the devastating 2015 Earthquake in Nepal. Though in a different capacity – now seeking to help candidates achieve their dream roles on the buy-side – the desire to help others very much remains at the core of what I do and drives me forward.

A lean team with a strong sense of community, Kea hosts a warm work environment with significant room for personal and professional development.

Whilst I came into the role of Junior Researcher with very little knowledge of finance, my outside passions and prior education have lent themselves naturally to the role. Research capabilities, most recently nurtured by an undergraduate degree in History and MA in Modern History, have translated well into my current role at Kea, whilst my interest in art has fostered a keen eye for detail. Although home to a busy work environment, the transition into Kea has been smooth as whether in the office or beyond, I have always led a proactive lifestyle; outside of the office, I religiously spend my time meeting friends, visiting art galleries or in the gym.


Whilst no day is the same at Kea, it always begins with a cup of coffee in hand! Early hours in the office tend to be spent on research tasks and informal team meetings to share ideas and learn through collaboration, and afternoons are filled with candidate meetings to discuss new opportunities or simply to catch-up.

Although it is still early on in my career at Kea, I feel as though I’ve grown immensely.

Subject to a well-structured training programme, I’ve gained significant exposure across the whole of the business; every member of the team had a hand in my training and development. Already granted high levels of responsibility, I’ve been placed on several searches and am trusted to get on with important matters independently.

Growing with each search process I’m tasked on, I am excited by the prospect of what’s to come and look anticipatingly towards the future.


What's different about Kea?


Clearly communicated at each stage of the interview process, the main appeal of Kea was the team: a lean community of high-achieving individuals with diverse backgrounds plus specialisms. Kea not only demonstrated a real care for its people, but also offered the best growth opportunities.


Which of the Kea values speaks to you the most?


Relationship First holds the most personal value being at the core of what sets Kea apart from its competitors; far from process-led, the Kea team puts the wants and needs of the candidate first, guiding them appropriately. Naturally competitive and often described as a perfectionist, my Drive to Improve naturally lends itself well to Kea’s values too.

I would say that success as a headhunter depends on two core characteristics: personability and inquisitiveness.
It is important to be yourself when interacting with clients or candidates and you should never shy away from mistakes; to err is human and each mistake should be regarded a growth opportunity.