Kea's view on the hiring market

It’s time to get rid of the word ‘should’

When you are a parent running a business, is it far too easy to get bogged down by all the ‘shoulds’, especially because they are often contradictory.

Is it time you introduced a formal mentorship programme into your business?

Mentoring within a business is a fantastic way of getting your team to learn from each other.

Being a parent has made me a better business leader

It is said that becoming a parent can get in the way of running a business; but for me the exact opposite is true.

Embracing femininity in a leadership role

When I started my business I instinctively felt that I should hide my feminine side, because that is what other women leaders who had gone before me did. I had only ever worked for men, so I didn’t have confidence in my own style, which at the time felt quite different.