The main reason I joined Kea was because I wanted to be part of a successful company with great values and the ability to teach me new things. Kea’s knowledge, connections and relationships on both the sell-side and the buy-side, as well as their ability to create and maintain great relationships with candidates and clients, is what made them stand out to me.

Kea's values

I’m constantly looking to learn and improve myself, either through exercise, reading or listening to podcasts outside of work, which is why Kea’s value of Drive to Improve resonates so well with me.

I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm the team brings everyday.

What does success mean for you at Kea?


First and foremost it means the clients and candidates I work with are currently happy, and will be happy to work with us again. Additionally, that our client pool and market share continues to grow.


How has your education influenced your day-to-day?


The analytical skills I acquired studying Physics at university have influenced the way that I am able to pick out the most important information for both clients and candidates efficiently and effectively.

Being successful in my role requires a humble approach to client and candidate needs, patience and a tenacious desire to learn.