Success as a headhunter to me means getting to know what makes a person tick. They can tell you everything you want to know, but connecting with them personally means you’ll be able to match them with their dream role.

My time at Kea

I’ve loved being a generalist at Kea as it means I can maintain a broad view of what’s going on in the market. As my career has developed I’ve been able to focus more on Private Equity and have been building out my network in the space.

Success at Kea means being a team player and sharing your knowledge across the team.
We win as Kea, not as individuals.

Studying Neuroscience at university gave me a love of learning about the nitty-gritty details of any topic. Every lecture sparked a new question to answer in a poorly understood topic, so I’m always curious to learn in detail about the next new thing and understand more about how it impacts the world around us.

Working alongside the PE Business Development team to grow our healthcare network, and meeting and coaching candidates across multiple investment strategies.

What made you join Kea?


I joined Kea straight out of university so had no idea about the reputation and strength of the team as headhunters in the investment space. I chose Kea because I felt a connection with every person I interviewed with. They were probing for my personality and soft skills, which made me realise that Kea truly wants to understand people in order to help them find them the perfect long-term home.


What's your favourite thing about the role?


I love being able to learn something new from every conversation I have. Whether it’s a deep dive into a certain vertical, discussing the next new health-tech start-up, or even getting a recommendation from a placed candidate about a restaurant for my next holiday!

Drive to Improve
My personal motivator is being regarded as someone you can rely on to get the job done... and do it well or even better than they had hoped for.
My biggest professional regret

Not pushing myself sooner to take on more responsibility.