I am fascinated and curious about humans and human development. Kea has provided a fulfilling vehicle for me to do what I am passionate about every day both internally with our team and externally with our clients and candidates. I don’t see the person in front of me as a transactional relationship, I see them as a someone I can learn from and be a longstanding contributing part of their professional journey. What a privilege.

Drive to Improve

The belief that there is always more of the journey to go on for ourselves and our team. How can I be a better leader, mentor, how else can we provide a better service to our clients, are we evolving enough, are we doing enough to train our staff better.

Instead of focusing on the end, we focus on the journey. We care deeply about the work we do and the people we’re doing it with. This can be reflected by the fact that we keep in touch with people whether we place them or not. We focus on how we have added value to the candidates and clients we worked with. That is hugely important and what we feel differentiates us.