I love the variety and unpredictability of my day to day. People are delightfully complicated and changeable which I (mostly) enjoy navigating. The Kea team and culture is also one which values individuality and allows people to grow and develop in a style and at a pace that suits them, which has been an important factor for me in my career so far.

I am a very empathetic person which I have found allows me to connect with candidates and clients on a more human level.

A typical day for me would involve a number of different things. I generally spend a good portion of my day speaking to candidates about interesting roles and understanding what motivates them. Another chunk of time is spent curating and prioritising shortlists to deliver to clients, as well as strategising around ongoing searches and how they might be improved.

Success for me means a couple of things:
working with increased responsibility and autonomy to be creative and problem solve. It also means working collaboratively with clients and candidates with whom I have built trust and who see the value in my input.
Relationship building is a big part of working at Kea in any capacity and the part of the job I most enjoy. I think what stands out to me most about Kea - as an employer and as a service provider - is how we treat people; our culture actively encourages and rewards collaboration and teamwork versus individual success, and this filters into the way we work with our clients and prospective candidates. The priority is always the relationship and process, versus the outcome and placement, which is a much more thoughtful and rewarding way to work.
My journey
I joined Kea fresh out of university with little idea of what I might want to do as a career. Since joining, I’ve been exposed to incredibly smart people – both externally and internally – who I continue to learn a lot from and who have kept my day-to-day varied and interesting. It is an environment that lets you develop quickly; having spent two years in the Research team focusing on Kea’s candidate knowledge and coverage, I was promoted to Associate Consultant and am now able to lead my own searches and manage and develop client relationships.