Kea’s view on the hiring market

There have been significant redundancies across the sell and buy-side given the uncertain global environment. Understandably, this has created added pressure for candidates when speaking with headhunters and investment firms about potential job opportunities.

Given our experience of working with many of Europe’s leading investment funds we would encourage candidates to consider the following to put their best foot forward.

  1. Come equipped with references as it helps build conviction on you – wider context from the market and remaining team members can provide more certainty around your situation as not all cuts are created equal
  2. Be honest about your story – the truth always comes out, so better to think long-term
  3. Think about your career plans and skills – investment jobs are very demanding, so make sure this is a route which you are truly motivated for

For our clients and the wider investment community: working with a talent partner can provide a full picture of these situations, and we would urge you to consider these candidates for your hiring processes.

We have seen candidates who have been on our radar emerge; their situation allows for easy referencing, and with less diary conflicts to manage, an expedited hiring process.

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