Kea's view on the hiring market

Lessons from Lockdown

#2 Agile working beyond the pandemic

In this piece, we look at the realities of flexible working during lockdown and the experiences of different investment professionals on the buy-side.

Lessons from Lockdown

#1 Has working from home affected mental health and wellbeing?

COVID-19 has brought sweeping changes to all of our lives. Organisations and employees have been forced to adjust the way we work – very quickly. Kea Consultants recently carried out research to discover how different players on the buy-side have stepped up to the challenge and how investment professionals have responded.

How to write a buy-side CV

Ready to apply for an investing role? How’s your CV looking? Chances are, the last time you prepared your CV was after university when you were looking for graduate job. An investment firm is looking for something much more specific on the profiles of potential hires, so here’s our advice on how to write a job winning and stand out CV.

10 things we’ve learned about remote onboarding

We recognise that, over the coming months, it may become necessary for new hires to start work without being able to come into the office. While this presents challenges which many firms in the investment industry have not encountered before, it’s nothing that hasn’t been done by larger firms in the corporate world for years.