The value of creating a great culture

Do you think having a great culture affects the bottom line? If you believe that fulfilled and contented employees work harder, then how can it not positively affect the success of a company.

In that case, what is stopping you from creating a great culture in your business? Is it because you don’t know how important it is and what a difference it will make, or because you genuinely don’t know how to go about it?

Either way, you need to start making it a priority because having a great culture is vital to long-term business success.

The secret is to focus on looking after the people who work for you. That doesn’t mean putting a ping pong table in the kitchen; it means truly valuing each member of your team, seeing and recognising them as the individual they are.

At Kea we’re doing that by creating a caring and connected environment, where the emphasis is on equal amounts of challenge and support.  We praise collaboration and working together and people genuinely feel they are part of, and contributing to, an organisation that is going somewhere and fast.

We don’t put pressure on people to hit targets, and we don’t use scare tactics to get them to work harder. We want people to feel confident that we see them and they have an opportunity for growth, we must be doing something right as they stay with us for a long time.

What do you think?