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Kea is exclusively focused on supporting top-tier financial sponsors in the UK and Europe.

On the buy-side, we execute mandates from Associate through to Partner-level with a deliberate focus on assured candidate coverage at all levels.

Across portfolio assets, we support financial sponsors pre-and post deal, seeking to build reciprocity and maximising a management team’s impact.


We work with top tier financial sponsors across the UK and Europe, with more than £100m AUM and who value their people. Our clients deploy capital across all strategies.

We have an obsession for excellence and are committed to relationships being more important than revenues. We believe this is why over 80% of our clients have partnered with us for five years or more.

In 2015, we evolved from buy-side search and executed our first CFO mandate. We have thrived on our position as the challenger search firm for pre and post deal environments, and now in 2021, we are a full-service search & advisory firm for our European client base.

Why our clients use us:

  • Relationship First. We care.
  • Assured candidate coverage.
  • Obsession for excellence.

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Our name is inspired by the tallest mountain in the world, Mauna Kea, which stands taller than Everest at: