Portfolio Clients:
Pre and Post-deal Partnerships

We are at our best when utilising our creativity and agility. While we typically work with our clients through the pre-deal phase and remain the incumbent partner though portfolio ownership, we want to help any financial sponsor ensure their assets have the very best board construct and leadership to maximise value creation in a private capital environment.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how we use your data.

Why partner with us?

  • Immutable perspectives: we are confident in our proprietary dataset; it is unbiased and unrivalled. Where possible, it is our ambition to remove subjectivity from leadership appointments.
  • Altruism: we actively seek to share risk during pre-deal processes and believe in building meaningful partnerships that allow us to do the right thing.
  • Value Creation: since inception we have and continue to focus on creating better, more successful environments for our financial sponsors and leadership teams.

Situations we typically support:

Financial sponsors we work with are seeking specific situational experience. Typically this is experience having led or been part a PE-backed exit; of particular investment thematic such as buy & build; and or specific business model.


Expert Networks: unfettered access to situation-specific CEOs, Chairs and NEDs who can act as deal advisors.

Co-investing Chairs: Chairs with specific situational expertise to support the deal process and join on acquisition.

Buy-in teams: full deal teams to join


Search: execution of mandates that are vital to value creation. Most typically we will advise at board level, appointing CEOs, CFOs and Chairs.

Our capability comfortably extends to CTOs and other CXO roles as well as non-executive appointments that are essential roles for value creation.