The Kea value positive energy speaks the most to me. The first step towards ‘going far’ figuratively speaking is believing you can. After all, those who say they can, and those who say they can’t, are most-probably right! I’m convinced that, both personally and professionally, positivity helps me maintain focus on my upward trajectory. Plus, positivity is infectious!

Coming from a human-science research background, understanding people is my forte
Throughout further education, wherever possible, I maximized opportunities to gain exposure to diverse cohorts and their working styles, through working, living, and studying internationally in Hong Kong, Wales, and the United States. This cultural immersion positions me well to best pair candidates and clients on compatibilities that go beyond the surface specification.

My time spent in research and studying Psychology has influenced my success as I recognise that people are predictably unpredictable. Emotion and unforeseen circumstances will come into play throughout most processes… so it’s sensible to expect this! Establishing genuine relationships with candidates encourages transparent communication and this improves the extent I can mitigate potential disturbances.