For me success at Kea is both internal and external. I love working collaboratively with my colleagues, and I also enjoy developing strong relationships with external candidates and clients.

My edge

I am comfortable working as hard as is necessary to achieve results. I am super results-oriented, and am always excited to see how the work I do benefits the broader company.

I genuinely enjoy coming into work every morning.
Even when work is full on I feel really supported and valued by my colleagues.

With a background in Anthropology, I feel really comfortable connecting with people and understanding what motivates them and why. I am also really passionate about applying my anthropological training to understanding why certain workplace cultures are more or less conducive to improving D&I.

Excellent time management, good relationships with a bank of candidates, and the self-confidence to back your own opinions are all essential to be a great Researcher at Kea.
I spend a lot of time having check-ins with my colleagues to ensure that we are both giving and receiving useful feedback. I also enjoy spending as much time as possible talking to a wide range of candidates. Not only do I find this really interesting, but it helps inform my opinions about the market and what a ‘good’ candidate looks like.

Kea are amazing at giving recognition for good work as well as constructive feedback. I have found that being within this environment has made me far more teachable and open to learning the best way of doing things.

The company’s culture is second to none. I spend as much time laughing as I do working, and the whole environment is super supportive. I also think the training is near unparalleled, and the upper level management are wonderful mentors.

The value of Drive to Improve resonates with me.
My parents always used to describe me as a shark, as I felt that if I wasn’t moving forward I was drowning!
Any regrets?

My biggest professional regret is not giving much thought to what it was that I really wanted to do whilst still at university. I wish I had taken advantage of all the networking events, societies and presentations offered to me.