Our Story: helping people grow

Founded in 2009, we believe value begins with people. At heart, we are a small, close-knit team with a passion for helping people grow, whether it is our candidates in their career, our clients in hiring and retaining the best talent, or our own employees in helping them learn and develop.

We live and breathe this market, pushing the boundaries of thought and innovation in order to build fantastic teams, starting with our own.

Our Values:

  • Drive to improve
  • Relationship first
  • Positive energy
  • Inquisitive listening

Helping people grow, promoting diversity

Our ethos since we started is to focus on the individuals we work with and not placements. We are happiest if we can help a client develop their business with the perfect hire, or if we can help a candidate fulfil their potential with the perfect job.

A huge part of this is encouraging all of our clients to think about broadening their candidate pools and encouraging heterogeneous thought within their firms. It isn’t easy, but hiring a more diverse workforce leads to better decisions in the long-term and a happier, more rounded team. We strive to increase diversity within the buy-side through a number of initiatives, including:

Kea Clusters: a networking platform to help female investors foster meaningful connections with similar professionals outside of their firm.

Kea Development Programme: a summer access programme for high-potential secondary school students coming from ethnically diverse and socially disadvantaged backgrounds, consisting of targeted insight days to give exposure to the investment industry and to our clients.

Networking events: often the biggest barrier for candidates getting into Private Equity is knowledge of the industry. We run events to help inform under-represented individuals about the buy-side so that they can target the industry.

STEM Graduate Events: we run annual events educating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics graduates about the buy-side.

How we are different:

We operate with a transparent research-first approach. We identify, meet, and cross reference talent, allowing us to present fully-rounded market insights and recommendations.

We develop deep and long-term relationships with our clients and candidates so that we can help with all aspects of attraction, assessment and retention.

We care. We are committed to truly listening to our clients’ needs, creating a positive and collaborative environment, and ensuring we remain the first choice for both clients and candidates alike.