Hogan Assessments: Proven, peer-reviewed methodology for assessing your people

For 25 years, Hogan has been developing and implementing psychometric assessments to help businesses hire and develop their talent.

In recent ROI studies candidates who have undergone Hogan personality profiling before being hired were up to three times more likely to be a strong cultural fit within the hiring organisation.

There are three principal tests that Kea uses:

• Hogan Personality Inventory – concerned with identifying personality strengths; how the test-taker relates to others when they are at their best.

• Motivations, Values, Preferences Inventory – concerned with motivating and demotivating factors.

• Hogan Development Survey – concerned with predicting negative behaviours in times of stress and complacency


What do they show?

There is a proven statistical correlation between the way the people answer tests and the way they are described by those who know them. Hogan tests are therefore not concerned with how candidates describe themselves; instead they predict how the test-taker is perceived by others.

Why is it useful?

There are no ‘perfect’ profiles with Hogan, nor profiles that are entirely negative. Every candidate, regardless of their scores, will have their own unique combination of strengths and weaknesses. As a result, rather than employing it primarily as a selective tool, we recommend using it as a way of identifying what support to provide to get the best out your new hire, and for effectively managing any potential risks.

Are they accurate?

Hogan maintains the industry’s largest and most-well developed archive of original research, and has been the subject of more than 700 successful validity studies demonstrating the extent to which their assessments predict performance. Furthermore, unlike many providers of psychometric tests, Hogan’s findings and assessments are peer-reviewed.
We believe in practicing what we preach – and our team has also undergone Hogan assessments. We have performed these assessments for existing team members and new hires, and we have found the experience universally positive.

How are the tests taken?

Candidates undertake an online test for each of the assessments, each lasting around 15 minutes. The candidate will be presented with a number of statements about themselves which they must identify as ‘True’ or ‘False’.

How is feedback delivered?

Once the test is completed an automatic report is generated. A member of the Kea team will evaluate this report and book a feedback session with you to discuss the findings.

More information on Hogan can be found at: www.hoganassessments.com