Kea’s Candidates:
A long-term Partnership

Candidates aren’t just important to us; they are the essence of our business. While we typically work with candidates with less than 6 years of experience, we want to partner with our candidates over the long-term to help them get the best out of their career: not just in their first move to the buy-side, but long afterwards as they start to think about hiring their own juniors.

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Why partner with us?

  • Superior access to funds: we are proud of our list of industry-leading clients, and the majority use Kea exclusively for their junior hiring.
  • Long-term relationships: we want to get to know the individual we are talking to. Our first conversations will often be about your career in general and we never want to force our candidates into something that isn’t right for them. We strive for a meaningful relationship with everyone we work with that transcends searches and placements.
  • Preparation and coaching throughout your career: our long-standing relationships with our clients has given us over a decade of experience helping people navigate buy-side recruitment processes and their investing careers beyond. We want to pass on that experience to you so that the process is less painful – and even perhaps enjoyable.

What backgrounds do our clients typically look for?

Our client base is often quite prescriptive in the experience that they will consider when hiring. This is because they often need individuals to have a very particular set of core skills applied and consolidated in a professional context. In general our clients look to us to make Associate or VP level hires, meaning our candidates will have less than 6 years of experience in total.

Most often, we are asked to find:


Investment bankers: specifically those with M&A, Leveraged Finance or Restructuring experience

Strategy consultants: especially those with Commercial Due Diligence exposure

Accountants: usually individuals from the Big 4 who are in M&A, Debt Advisory, Transaction Services or Restructuring

Entrepreneurs: tech-focused investment firms are often interested in those who have experience starting up their own companies

Investors: those already working in PE, Growth, VC, Credit or Hedge Funds.

What if I don’t come from that background?


Our clients are, over time, getting better at diversifying their hiring. It’s definitely possible to be considered if you have very similar experience to the ‘core’ backgrounds: for example, working within M&A in a corporate.

It’s never impossible to make the move, but you will need to demonstrate that you are an out-performer with strong business judgement and an entrepreneurial mindset. You will also likely have to do some preparation in your own time to get comfortable with LBO modelling, analyzing companies and developing an investor’s instinct.

It is also becoming more common for our clients to ask for individuals with particular hard-skills: most commonly coding expertise or a medical background.

Who are our clients?

We work with both small and large clients across the whole of Europe. At the smallest end, our clients may have a fund of around $100m; at the largest, they will be one of the largest diversified alternative asset managers in the world.

  • Private Equity: Small-cap to Large-cap, including classic buyout funds, Sovereign Wealth, Pension Funds, and Family Offices
  • Growth Equity: from firms focusing on Series D and early-stage buy-out to much larger, global growth funds
  • Venture Capital: Seed - Series D
  • Credit Funds: Direct Lending and Private Credit, Mezzanine through to Distressed and Special Sits
  • Hedge Funds: Long-short equity, Distressed, and multi-strategy funds