Kea Consulting:
Helping you achieve high performance

Our role is about far more than simply head hunting and searching for candidates. We also provide a wide range of additional consultancy services designed to help you attract, motivate and assess your people.

We can help you to set the right levels of salary and compensation, to widen your pool of employees to include more diverse backgrounds and cultures, and to use advanced tools to improve performance and team building.

Compensation Benchmarking:

Executive remuneration is a highly sensitive area, one that is evolving rapidly under a range of pressures from within organisations themselves and from the wider community. Setting, managing and communicating executive pay is therefore a matter for some serious consideration and measured judgement.

Our senior team provides consultancy and advice on pay structures, offer packages, and financial incentives to ensure you are able to attract, retain and motivate the top talent.

Based on extensive market experience in structuring, developing and negotiating pay packages for our clients, we are able to draw on first-hand data and multiple compensation reports. These are developed in-house and kept regularly updated with the latest market data to deliver tailored compensation advice and solutions.

Diversity Consulting

Diversity is high on the agenda for many finance firms, partly to develop a healthier working culture, but also to provide a broader perspective on investment decisions that will ultimately lead to better results.

Since its inception, Kea has been dedicated to helping our clients identify how best to attract a broad pool of candidates, whether in terms of gender, ethnicity, background, or simply professional experience.

In the past we have run a range of programmes that can help to broaden the diversity of an organisation’s talent pool. Networking events can generate awareness and interest within a targeted group of candidates. Market mapping techniques can provide a more accurate picture of the candidate landscape to help you better understand the challenges around diversity and how you can best tackle them. Benchmarking provides an insight into industry standards which you can use to make your organisation more attractive for the kinds of candidates you want to attract.

Psychometric profiling:

The Senior Kea team are experts at administering and delivering feedback on a variety of Hogan Assessments – an industry leading set of psychometric tests designed to evaluate motivations, personality strengths, and behaviour under stress.

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We offer the following services:

Candidate assessment
identifies motivations, personality strengths and any issues you need to take into account or address with additional training. This insight helps you reach an informed decision about cultural fit and the support systems needed for a new hire. It works best when combined with a full team assessment.

Team assessment helps to quantify the culture of a team.

Team coaching helps organisations get the best out of their current employees by exploring their strengths, motivations, and behaviour under pressure.