We are proud to sponsor and support Spear, an initiative helping young people find employment.

The Spear programme, is a highly interactive, award-winning, year-long programme which equips and supports 16-24 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds to find long-term employment or enter into further education/training. Over 90% of the young people on Spear face at least one barrier to employment, such as low education attainment, growing up in care, family involvement in crime or parents on benefits. These young people lack confidence, motivation and self-belief.

Spear adopts executive coaching techniques, empowering the young people to take responsibility for themselves as well as equipping them with the hard skills needed to enter the work place, this includes CV workshops and interview skills training. The initial 6 weeks of the programme (Spear Foundation) includes sessions on confident communication, breaking the victim mindset and how to increase resilience in order to overcome setbacks.

The Spear Programme has a strong track record of achieving significant results: over three quarters of those who complete the Spear programme get into work or further training, and are still there a year later. Since the Programme began in 2004, over 6,000 young people have now completed Spear.